Over the last couple of years Berlin has slowly moved it’s way up on the must-visit-cities list of many youngsters. By now, the German capital has for sure kicked London from it’s number one spot.

Just a few years ago Eurostars full of youngsters from all around the world arrived in London every weekend, ready to buy some Dr. Martens boots and hang out in front of various art pieces at the Tate Modern before partying in one of the many bars it’s arty Shoreditch has to offer. Now, Ryanair planes full of these youngsters arrive in Berlin every weekend day, ready to hop in line for the city’s legendary nightclub Berghain – and later get rejected. After having visited the city – and Berghain – several times over the last couple of years we’ve come to the following two conclusions.

1. Yes, Berghain is one of the most breathtaking clubs that exist in Europe, and 2. There’s more to Berlin than Berghain.

So we decided to make a list of 5 places we recommend you to visit next time you’re in Berlin and get rejected at the doors of it’s mythical temple of techno.




Located in one of the small streets of the lovely Mitte neighborhood you enter a door to this small wonder. On the street level you’ll find a beautiful hall filled with greens and wood, upstairs you can find the dining area which is very open and light thanks to the big windows. The food is simple and delicious, we had the “french toast style” croissant with maple syrup and fruit. House of Small Wonder is the kind of place where you can stay for hours, sipping you’re coffee every two minutes while glancing at all its amazing decorations and details.




If we had all the money in the world we would without a doubt buy every single piece in this shop. It’s kind of the Berlin version of our lovely Hunting and Collecting in Brussels. The store has a stylish yet timeless selection of fashion pieces going from Acne Studios all the way to T by Alexander Wang. And let us not forget about our new personal favourite, Carne Bollente. On top of all this they also have accessories, decoration and a coffee shop. Voo Store is located in Kreuzberg, close to some other must visits like The Record Loft and the Visit Coffee Roastery.




Having an obsession with American style breakfast is not always an easy task to fulfill. But then we found Cabslam, a small restaurant that’s far away from any metro line but its food is totally worth the twenty minute walk. After gaining five pounds due to it’s heavenly but carb filled dishes, the twenty minutes of walking back to the metro station might even be a good idea. While at most breakfast places there’s a waiting list, Cabslam always has a free table since it’s still quite unknown to most people. A very simple styling, but one of the most cosy places we’ve visited in Berlin so far. Candle light dinner is at 10AM, try the french toast.




Christmas time is here. Forget the well known and very busy Christmas market on Alexanderplatz and go to Neue Heimat, located in Friedrichshein. When walking home after another great dinner in Berlin we stumbled upon this cosy little market. It’s part of a community area and we can’t really explain why but it’s a must see. Holy Heimat has a food truck area, local artist displaying and selling their works and when we were there, there even was a techno party going on. You could call it the modernised up-to-date version of a Christmas market. This year it’s open till December 23rd.




Instead of disappearing into your room after checking into your hotel, you will find yourself socialising with others outside of your camper while still being indoors. Hüttenpalast was once a vacuum-cleaner factory and is now transformed into one of the most innovative sleepovers in the city. It sits in the trendy Neukölln district right next to the Hermannplatz metro-stop. Book an indoor caravan or a wooden cabin room and don’t forget to check out the amazing arty garden. All cabins, caravans and furniture are recycled and immediately get you into a retro/vintage mood. This hotel takes ‘glamping’ (glamour-camping) to a whole other level. We stayed here for one night and then moved to the themed hostel ‘Ostel’, where every room looks like a That ’70s show set.


That’s it for our top 5, don’t hesitate every one of these amazing places next time you find yourself in Berlin.



Written by Sien Sergooris


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